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Welcome to the Features section, a series of articles that cover visits to watch manufacturers, interviews, watchmaking techniques, history of the brands and more.

Porsche Design innovations in watchmaking
March 20, 2017
Thanks to the unique cooperation with Porsche motorsports, the latest knowledge and technology from the world of racing can be incorporated into the development of Porsche Design products and timepieces in particular. The history of Porsche Design in the watchmaking industry is rich of remarkable achievements. Read the article to retrace some of the key milestones.

The history of the Richard Mille brand
March 17, 2017
2001: Richard Mille launches his first timepiece creating a new trend in watchmaking. At the origin of his venture a bold vision: applying to watches the techniques and the materials employed in the most innovative sectors, such as in F1 racing cars or airplanes. Discover the history of the brand that in few years was able to create the timepieces which have become the ultimate symbol of wealth and success.

The Hallmark of Geneva, historical origins and modern developments
January 11, 2017
Since 1886, the Hallmark of Geneva - or Poinçon de Genève - certifies the quality of the best timepieces manufactured in the world capital of watchmaking, Geneva. The label adopted various quality criteria that became more and more stringent over time. Today the exclusive seal guarantees Provenance, Precision, Durability, and Know-How. The article discusses the historical background that brought to its creation as well as its modern developments. Click to read.

Breguet, the Type 20 and the world of aviation
December 22, 2016
The name Breguet immediately evokes the highest achievements in the field of fine watchmaking. The brand is instantaneously associated to purely elegant watches equipped with tourbillon, minutes repetition and other sophisticated complications. But Breguet has a strong tradition also in the production of instrument watches and a truly unique tie with the world of aviation. Click here to read the fascinating history of the Type 20, one of most iconic pilot watches ever produced

The detent escapement: from marine chronometers to wristwatches
December 17, 2016
Also referred to as "chronometer escapement", the detent escapement can guarantee higher precision than the more common Swiss lever escapement. Nonetheless, for more than two centuries it was not used for wearable timepieces, except for few rare high-precision pocket watches. Who invented it? How does it work? And how was the challenge to implement it in wristwatches finally won? Click here to read the article and find the answers.

A. Lange & Sohne mechanical movements: what makes them so irresistible?
November 30, 2016
Watch connoisseurs are particularly impressed by the A. Lange & Söhne movements and their mechanical complexity but even people without a specific knowledge about watchmaking are immediately fascinated by their aesthetics. What makes these mechanical movements so attractive? Click here to read the article.

Jaeger-LeCoultre inventions and records
November 18, 2016
Jaeger-LeCoultre - or La Grande Maison as it is often referred to - is without a doubt one of the most important manufacturers in the history of watchmaking. With more than 1240 mechanical calibres created since 1833 and 400 patents obtained, Jaeger-LeCoultre keeps demonstrating an exceptional capability of inventing and innovating, always looking for new challenges to push the boundaries of fine watchmaking. Discover with us some of the most remarkable breakthroughs of the Brand. Click here to read the article.

Tiffany in watchmaking history
October 20, 2016
One of the world’s most renowned and celebrated jewelers, Tiffany has an important place also in watchmaking history. From the Atlas clock to Kunz’s patent for luminescent paint, from the typical Art Deco wristwatches for Ladies to the current Swiss-made CT60 Collection, we retrace the path of the iconic brand from 1837 to the present days. Read the article.

Armin Strom, a unique blend of tradition and innovation
September 29, 2016
The Armin Strom brand is an example of how it is possible to be innovative and creative, even bold and daring in some cases, while respecting watchmaking tradition and classic aesthetics. The evolution of the brand has always been aligned to the philosophy and vision of its founder, with the watch movement always taking centre stage. Read more.

The complete history of the Mona Lisa of watchmaking: the Breguet No.160 "Marie-Antoinette"
August 26, 2016
The Mona Lisa of the clock world. The Holy Grail of watchmaking. These are some of the definitions used for the exceptional Breguet timepiece No. 160 that takes the name from Marie-Antoinette, the Queen of France at the time of the French Revolution. Many experts refer to it as to the most important watch ever produced for technological, aesthetic, historical and even emotional reasons. Discover its thrilling history.

Richard Mille's quest for innovation: hi-tech materials
July 4, 2016
Richard Mille’s quest for innovation can be noted in advanced mechanical engineering solutions and new production methodologies as well as in the use of unconventional and often unprecedented materials, often drawn from the worlds of automobiles, aeronautics and sailing. Let’s discover some of these advanced materials and their main characteristics. Read the article.

The history of Eterna: pioneering innovation in watchmaking
May 2, 2016
In 2016 Eterna is celebrating its 160th anniversary, a milestone for a company that has a fundamental place in the history of watchmaking. Follow us as we travel through times from the 18th century to the present days. Read the article.

Single-hand timepieces in watchmaking history
April 12, 2016
Although you might consider single-hand watches pretty unusual, mechanical timekeeping started with clocks with just one hand. Discover their fascinating history.

Interview: Stephen Urquhart, President & CEO of Omega
March 11, 2016
On occasion of the unveiling of the new Globemaster line, we had the pleasure to speak to Stephen Urquhart on the new METAS certification, future trends and more. Read the interview.

Urban Jürgensen, a history of talent, passion and dedication
March 2, 2016
From the roots of the Jürgensen watchmaking dynasty to the development of the world's first wristwatch to feature a detent escapement within it. Read the article.

The Tourbillon: short history of a watchmaking feat
June 26, 2015
The key events that led to the current advancement of one of the most fascinating horological devices. Read the article.

Richard Mille factories tour
May 3, 2015
The report of our visit to the modern Richard Mille factories in Les Breuleux. Read the article.

Grande Complication wristwatches: three of the best
December 31, 2014
A trip back to the 1990s to rediscover three of the most beautiful Grande Complication wristwatches ever manufactured. Read the article.

A visit to Vacheron Constantin activity sites
November 6, 2014
We recently spent two days visiting the three Vacheron Constantin activity sites in Geneva, Le Brassus and Plan-les-Ouates. Read our report.

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