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Urwerk - EMC Electro Mechanical Control

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The highly innovative and visionary watchmaker Urwerk has officially presented the new EMC (Electro Mechanical Control) which introduces a whole new concept in watchmaking: a smart mechanical watch which allows the owner to gauge the precision of his timepiece’s chronometric performance and fine-tune it to better suit the personal lifestyle.
The performance and isochronism (regularity) of a watch in a real-life environment - not in the controlled world of a watch workshop - is affected by many factors like changes in position and temperature, shocks or simply how active or quiet is the owner. 

With the EMC, Urwerk decided to develop a watch that can be easily monitored and tuned by its owner.
A 100% mechanical watch, the EMC is integrated with an electronic "brain" - an optical sensor and a computer -  which is solely used to monitor and evaluate the mechanical movement. The power for this electronic component derives not from a simple battery but from a hand-turned generator that charges a capacitor that even after 100,000 to 200,000 charge/discharge cycles loses very little performance. This generator is developed by Maxon, a Swiss company renowned for developing motors for NASA’s Mars rovers.
The hand-wound movement - entirely conceived, developed and manufactured by Urwerk - is strongly characterised by a bespoke balance wheel made of ARCAP, an iron-free alloy offering non-magnetic and anti-corrosion properties. The morphology of the balance is the result of careful calculations to optimise data from the optical sensor, maximise aerodynamic efficiency and minimise loss of amplitude. 
The 80-hour power reserve is provided by two large mainspring barrels in series, mounted vertically on a single shaft. 

The timing adjustment screw on the back of the watch allows the owner to finely adjust the balance rate regulator by changing the active length of the balance spring.
The front dial displays  four separate indications: on top the precision indicator ranging from -20 to + 20 seconds per day, then - clockwise - the seconds dial, hours and minutes, and the power reserve indicator. 
The 43 x 51 mm case is made of titanium and steel. Height is 15.8 mm.

The more technical of our readers will be interested in the following additional details provided by Urwerk (click the pictures to enlarge them):
How It Works

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