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Manufacture Contemporaine du Temps - Sequential Two S200

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Manufacture Contemporaine du Temps (MCT) built its reputation of innovative high-end watchmaker with the square-cased Sequential One. For BaselWorld 2014, MCT presents the Sequential Two - S200 featuring MCT's signature prism display for the first time in a round case.
The 44.6 mm case will be available in red gold or white gold with the distinctive sapphire ring around the caseband. The top sapphire crystal is stepped down, replacing the bezel and opening the dial to maximize light and visual access.
The indication of the hour is provided by four modules, each composed of five triangular prisms, which rotate to display one of three numbers. 
The current hour is highlighted by an open 'window' in a 'C-shape' arc around the centre of the dial, which is relief-engraved with "Manufacture Contemporaine du Temps" (MCT).   
The 'C-shape' arc rotates sequentially 90° anticlockwise to highlight the new hour, while minutes are displayed 360° around the full perimeter of the dial. 

The case back sapphire crystal displays the black movement bridges in contrast with the red gold micro-rotor, screws and mainspring chaton. The uni-directional micro-rotor offers the advantage in that it requires less force to rotate than a conventional rotor while enabling a a slimmer movement and case.
The movement, beating at 28,800 vph, benefits from the latest advances in teeth profiles on the gears. The high efficiency gears mean less energy wasted in friction losses, higher and more consistent power to the regulator for higher precision and a longer power reserve (40 hours).

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