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Andreas Strehler - Sauterelle

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Winner of the prestigious 2013  Gaïa Award in the category Crafts - Creation, the Andreas Strehler Sauterelle is an exceptional watch.

Andreas Strehler is a Swiss independent watchmaker born in 1971 which started his career in the workshops of Renaud & Papi until 1995, when he set up business as an independent watchmaker and watch repairer. In 2001, he became the youngest watchmaker to be admitted as a member of the Horological Academy of Independent Creators (AHCI). At the age of 33, Andreas Strehler, while remaining independent, became Technical Director of the company H. Moser & Cie winning the Grand prix d’horlogerie de Genève in the Complicated Watch category, with his Moser Perpetual 1, in 2006. Before the Sauterelle, Andreas Strehler received enthusiastic reviews for his Papillon and Cocon models, inspired to the movements of living organisms.

In the Sauterelle, Andrea Strehler implemented a new mechanical solution for guaranteeing a constant and linear supply of energy to the balance. Instead of adopting a force constant complication which is mounted on the escapement wheel, he placed a remontoir d'egalité on the seconds wheel.

This solution has the advantage that the complete escapement, including the escapement wheel, moves freely between two impulses, uninfluenced by the movement. This way, Andreas Strehler reduced to the minimum outside factors that may impact precision like fluctuations in the supply of energy, flaws in the gear train, variations in  temperature and viscosity of lubricants.

The name Sauterelle was chosen because the jumping of the satellite gear reminds one of a grasshopper (sauterelle in French). Check the video below to see how it works.

Andreas Strehler applied classic construction principles for the Sauterelle, i.e. the movement could have been built a hundred of years ago albeit with different tools. For the same reasons, no exotic materials were used.

To fully showcase the technical details of the patented remontoir d'egalité and the level of finishing, including the decoration and the bevelled edges, Andreas Strehler built a 10:1 fully functional scale model.

The beautifully finished hand-wound movement beats at 21,600 A/h and is composed of 156 parts.

The case, measuring 41 mm x 37,30 mm, is available in red gold or platinum with a massive silver dial. 

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