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About Us

Welcome to Time and Watches!

Our watch blog is dedicated to the mechanical watch enthusiasts that - just like us - remain often wordless contemplating the perfect balance of art, design and technology that can be admired in many of our favorite timepieces.

We try hard to be the first to inform. We cover in real time events like the Grand Prix d'Horlogerie de Genève and all the main trade shows. But timely information is as much important as accuracy and reliability to us. We carefully verify any information we provide.

We only write about the best timepieces from the watch industry. Rather than being worried about filling spaces, we cover watches that are remarkable for their design, for their mechanics, for specific technological advancements or for truly excellent price/quality ratio.

For our articles we use high-quality images that can be magnified to full size with just a click so that you can enjoy even the smallest details of the watches you like.

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