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Urwerk - UR-105 TA

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The two new Black Lemon and Black Orange models of the UR-105 TA from Urwerk bring to mind two Lamborghini supercars. For sure, these new timepieces would perfectly match to a Huracàn or an Aventador.

Differently from the hand-wound UR-105 M that we covered here, the new UR-105 TA models are powered by an automatic movement regulated by a double turbine. In fact the "TA" in the model name stands for Turbine Automatic.

Bead-blasted, satin-finished and treated with black PVD for perfect aesthetics, these turbines optimise the winding operation thanks to three winding modes that can be set by operating on a small lever positioned on the back case. In the "FULL" position, only the slightest movement is needed to wind up the mainspring. "RED" (for "reduced) moderates the winding so as to minimise excessive tension on the mainspring. On "STOP" mode, the winding system is disabled and the UR-105 TA can then be hand-wound by the crown.

The movement beats at 28,800 vibrations per hours and offers a power reserve of 48 hours, when fully wound.

The four satellites, each bearing three hour numerals, reveal themselves from under a finely decorated guilloche black cover in PEEK (polyetheretherketone).

The finishing is very high-end making the watches a pleasure to explore under the loupe. Even hidden components have been meticulously refined. For example, the hidden ARCAP satellite carrousel has been treated with ruthenium then micro bead blasted in line with the highest standards of haute horlogerie.

The adoption of this carousel, responsible for the operation of the satellite hours, contributes to enhance the fluidity of the gears when setting the time, almost eliminating any friction.

The UR-105 TA is also available in two less flashy versions: "All Black" in titanium and steel, and "RG" in titanium and red gold.

The prices without taxes of the Urwerk Knights, as the UR-105 TA models are nicknamed for their bezel reminding an armour, are the following:
UR-105 TA Black Lemon in titanium with black PVD steel bezel - Swiss Francs 58,000
UR-105 TA Black Orange in titanium with black PVD steel bezel  - Swiss Francs 58,000
UR-105 TA All Black in black PVD titanium with black PVD steel bezel - Swiss Francs 64,000
UR-105 TA RG in black PVD titanium case with a precious red gold bezel - Swiss Francs 66,000

The case (39.50 mm x 53 mm x 16.80 mm) of the UR-105 TA has been pressure tested to 30 metres / 3 ATM.

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