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FHH announces the International Certification in Fine Watchmaking

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The Fondation de la Haute Horlogerie (FHH) announced a new initiative to enable individuals to test their knowledge of fine watchmaking.

Developed for sales professionals, the HH Certification can also be taken by anyone wishing to validate their knowledge of watchmaking.

An advisory committee of 15 experts approved a database of 2,500 questions, as well as a team of  specialists in assessment methods, to develop and design an authoritative test that can guarantee reliable results.

The enrolment fee is $385 and includes:
- 160 practice questions
- A recommended reading list to help prepare for the exam
- Watch@Tablet, an on-line platform to study for the test
- One exam session

Below two screenshots from the demo test that anyone can take visiting the HH Certification web site.

The exam will take place at a dedicated centre that students choose when they enrol. During the two hours testing session candidates must answer 160 questions on four subjects: watchmaking techniques, market players, materials, and history & culture.

Based on their final score, three levels of certification will be awarded to successful candidates: Advisor, Specialist and Expert in Fine Watchmaking

The first exam session will be held in the United States in Spring 2015 followed by other dates, mainly in large cities.

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