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De Bethune - DB28 Skybridge

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This is a stunning watch, or we should say piece of art.

The DB28 Skybridge from De Bethune is a perfect summary of highly aesthetic ambition and peerless technical precision. 
The ultra-light mirror-polished titanium 45 mm case of the DB28, with its distinctive floating lugs, proclaims the collection’s modern and indeed futuristic nature while maintaining classical elements reminiscent of the past like the 12 o’clock crown and the hunter-type back borrowed from pocket watches.

Looking at the Skybridge is an experience that renews each time: the intensely brilliant De Bethune signature blue is rich of shimmering and fascinating effects. This star-studded sky in mirror polished and blued titanium derives its power and beauty from its concave shape and its multiple decorations in white gold and diamond crafted in the company workshops in the village of L’Auberson.
The spherical moon-phase display is accentuated by an arrow-shaped bridge that appears to be pointing towards infinity.
Two flame-blued and mirror-polished steel hands gracefully sweep across a constellation delicately highlighted by a minute circle. 
Kudos to De Bethune for this masterpiece.

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